The Jewish Quarterly

The New JQ

After sixty-seven years as the leading British Jewish journal of ideas and culture, The Jewish Quarterly is being relaunched internationally.

The new JQ will be redesigned and published in an elegant book format. It will be edited by journalist and editor Jonathan Pearlman, and contributors will include prominent writers and thinkers from around the world. Each issue of the new JQ will address a critical subject, covering it in clear and compelling prose.

The new JQ is an independent publication that will explore Jewish issues, and issues of humanity from a Jewish perspective. Its mission is not to advocate, but to investigate complex and pressing matters of politics, religion, history and culture, and to do so in depth.

JQ will now be distributed and accessible worldwide.

May 2021

Issue 244 of The Jewish Quarterly investigates rising global populism. It will examine the forces propelling modern nativism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, with essays by Simon Schama, Deborah Lipstadt and others. It will also include the exclusive publication of recently discovered letters about Israel from Isaiah Berlin, reviews by prominent writers including Hadley Freeman and new sections exploring little-known aspects of Jewish history and community by Elliot Perlman and others.

Jewish Quarterly 244
The Return of History
ISBN: 9781922517005